My Life Without You

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15 June 2010


been through just about everything that i could go through. when it comes to relationships don't know what i was missing or why i ain't listen . when i told myself that was it . now here i go,hurt again cause of my curiosity now that its over . what else could it be .

he had just to cheat ! i made a promise never to settle . why i didn't i keep it? cause i hated heartbreak , crying and cheating , the fooling around but im not missing you ! im not going through the motion. waiting n hoping u call me. you might have had me open but i must be going because i got life to do .

i know im usually hanging on. i used to hate to see you gone. but this time its different. i don't even feel the distance. its shame in a way cause i feel that i may not ever find the right one for me. did i leave him, is he right in front of my face . will my true love ever be ? ? why would i go on a search again when i know what the end will be. what good is love when it keeps on hurting me ?

no! i can't be with you cause im scared felt like i was falling when you left me.i can't keep going through life.unaware of what i missed and the person i could's good when it's right when its left in your memory.all the times i let you down. i guess love will be nice for someone else's life

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