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25 June 2010

I ❤ U so much ! ! !

these words are my own . threw some chords together . the combination D-E-F. it's who i am , it's what i do and i was gonna lay it down for you . try to focus my attention but i fell so A-D-D . i need some help , some inspiration but its not coming easily. trying to find the magic . trying to write a classic. don't u know , don't u know ???

waste - bin full of paper clever rhymes , see u later. these words are my own from my heart flow. i love you ! i love you! i love you ! i love you !! there's no other way to better say i love you. i love you . .!

read some byron , shelly and keats . recited it over a hip-hop beat i'm having trouble saying what i mean with dead poet and drum machines i know i had some studio time booked but i couldn't find a killer hook. now u've gone and raised the bar right up. nothing i write is ever good enough. :)

im getting off my stage . the curtains pull away. no hyperbole to hide behind. my naked soul exposes.

i really love you so much !!! ^_^

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