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18 June 2010

Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart

even if u were a million miles away i could still feel you in my bed near me , touch me , feel me . and even in the bottom of the sea i can still hear inside my head telling me, touch me , feel me all the time you were telling me lies so tonight im gonna find away to make it without you .

toninght also im gonna find away to make it without you. im gonna hold onto the times that we had . have you ever tried sleeping with a broken heart ? well you can try sleeping in my bed . lonely only nobody even shut it down like you. you wore the crown . you make my body feel heaven bound !

why don't you hold me , need me , i though you told me you'd never leave me. looking in the sky can see your face and i knew right where i'd fit take me, make me you know that i'll always be in love with you right till end. anybody could have told you right from the start it's about fall apart so rather than hold onto broken dream or just hold onto love and i could find a way to make it don't hold on too tight i'll make it without you tonight

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